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Prop Firm Passing Service

By CDFX Trading


Scale up your trading

The Prop Firm Passing Service allows you to quickly scale up your trading capital.

The guarantee

If the passing service fails, we will pass a new one for free and continue to do so until you are funded.

So far we have done around 30 different challenges and every single one has passed.


The firm we work with

The prop firm we work with, is Nova Funding. Nova Funding offers various account sizes, has a good reputation and I myself had multiple accounts with them as well.

Before applying to the Prop Firm Passing Service:

Read all the rules on Nova Funding website and make sure you fully understand them. We use HFT, so make sure you read those rules as well.

how does it work?

Step 1

Buy a Nova Funding Evaluation. (You can choose a 50k, 100k or 200k account. Preferably pick the MT4 option, but MT5 is possible as well.)

Step 2

Buy a matching Prop Firm Passing Service Package below.

Example: if you bought a 50k evaluation, pick the 50k Prop Firm Passing Service package below.

Step 3

Email the account details of your evaluation to

Please include login, password and server.

Step 4

As soon as your evaluation as been passed, you will receive an e-mail from us.


A 200k account with Nova costs $997, the passsing service for a 200k (including the guarantee) costs €550.     


That means for around €1450 you now have a 200k trading account. If you make only 2% on that account, you have earned the money you invested in the account & the passing back and you are in nice profits.            


You can then use those profits to get another account and quickly scale up your capital that way.      

Choose your package below

  • 50K passing Service

  • 100K Passing Service

  • 200K Passing Service



If you are part of the Forex Mentorship Program, the Prop Firm Passing Service is free and unlimited, allowing you to scale up capital really fast.

Click the button below for more information regarding the Forex Mentorship Program.

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