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1-op-1 forex coaching

Binnen 5 maanden een winstgevende trader. 

Zodra je besteld hebt begin je.

100% compleet.

100% persoonlijk.

"If you're looking for straight to the point value with no unnecessary filler material to try to make the course seem artificially large, then CDFX is the right place for you, I highly recommend them."

- M.S D

Levenslange toegang is geldig zolang dit bedrijf bestaat.  

Zodra je besteld hebt, kun je aan de slag.

In member area vind je relevante informatie.

  • Mentorship Program

    Complete Forex Mentorship(One Time Payment, Lifetime Access)
    • * Extensive video course
    • * Trading community
    • * Workshops
    • * Homework + feedback
    • * 1-on-1 Zoom meetings
    • * Fully automated strategy
    • * Funding businessplan
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