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"If you're looking for straight to the point value with no unnecessary filler material to try to make the course seem artificially large, then CDFX is the right place for you."

A free 50 minute training that will change your trading forever.

​What you will get:​

  • A clear path to profitability.

  • Realistic expectations (no Lamborghini's).

  • Proven concepts that work.

Be warned, this training is filled with information that most educators charge you for. It's complete & filled with practical tips to become better right now. 

Stop losing money with trading 

Financial uncertainty just sucks. You experience stress, your trading isn't going well and lose money over and over again.

The longer you try to fix these problems on your own, the bigger the chances that you will fail. You will also lose a lot of your valuable time & energy. You are not living the life you want to live. Without a coach it's really hard to become a profitable trader. 

That's exactly where we can help.


Today's FREE training will teach you the exact path to profitability, without all the bullshit.

No fancy cars, no fairy tales, just a no-bullshit approach to profitable trading.

If you are sick and tired of these online guru's trying to sell you the dream, this training will be very refreshing.

Many have already watched the training and left great reviews.

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Cas Daamen

Spot FX & Indices Trader

5+ Years Experience

Owner CDFX Trading

Who am I?

I'm Cas Daamen and I'm from The Netherlands.

I've been trading for over 5 years right now. Nowadays I only do 2 things:

  • Trading.

  • Helping people to make money trading.

I have been featured on many well-known trading podcasts & platforms, such as BluFX, TradingNut & A Trader's Life.

What makes me different?

  • A verified trackrecord.

  • Proven methods.

  • A straight to the point, no bullshit approach.